Radical Christ calls for Radical disciples!

7 09 2007

How can people who walked past the old lady without even giving her the slightest notice? My heart bleeds to see such cruelty, such injustice, and such heartless gesture which has become the symbol of our society today and to a certain extent, the modern church.

Some christians would argue about the motives of these peddlers, but Jesus never once gave such consideration when he heals someone, knowing that some of these people will not return to thank him even, still he reached out and healed, still he touched the lepers and he tuched the poor.

Told Mercy that even if had that 1.5 million, i will not desire again in my heart to own the biggest condominium or a volvo; i will rent a bus every weekend and go around the island to invite these poor folk to feast, rent places and giving them shelter, giving them education, medical care, and love; for what use is Good News to them when we cannot back it up with action. God’s message of Salvation must follow with acts of kindness that equals the Good News!

It takes one who seeks to be like Jesus to do what He would have done. To give all, His life on the Cross and at the same time, unmeasurable kindness and great acts of compassion.




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