Too much grace

20 07 2007

Mercy had an interesting encounter recently with a christian from a certain church that emphasized on Grace. The question of “Once saved always saved” that one would question the position of a Christian who received Jesus but continue to Sin, will he or she go to heaven?

The idea of once saved always saved, needs to be examined under a common ground – that a Christian when he or she said the Sinner’s prayer, is saved. For all who call on the name of Jesus shall be saved! But where does that leads us? We all have a responsibility in our walk with Jesus, Jesus has paid the full penalty of our iniquities on the Cross and now we are charged to walk right with him, that in short, our conversion must bring forth fruits of repentance, or the axe will be there to cut down all the trees that do not bear fruits.

Does that to mean we have to work for our salvation? No, by His Grace, we are saved with no merit on our own, but we are charged with the responsibility to work out our salvation with fear and wonder. The consistency of the message that we ought to look out that we might not fall through the New Testament is clear. That many will fall away in the end times, and many who will call out to Jesus Jesus, but they will not be let into the Kingdom of God.

When we take the stand of this church’s teachings, where is the FEAR OF GOD? that we have the license to sin? There ought to be a balance, and most important, the fear of the Lord is beginning of all wisdoms! Not holding on to an extreme view of God’s grace for us!