Many will fall away

18 07 2007

There will come a day where many will fall away from the faith. The Christianity of today is divided into two camps, one who took their faith seriously, and one who are playing with their faith; thinking that their sinners prayers can save them and their wickedness and evil ways will go unnoticed under God’s Grace. It is the time now, that we must choose the easy way or the right way.

The burden of the Church and its destiny is weighing heavily on my heart for the last few days; that God is putting the Church on the balance scale and be weighed. God is separating the sheep and the goat, for He is coming real soon for His people. There will be many who will call out to Him, but He won’t know them, because while they profess Jesus as Lord and Saviour, their lifestyles are far from being His Children. It is time, and the warning is for me as well, how long can we continue to live like what we are living without any reprieve or consequences, that while my God loves us so much, He cannot deny His own holiness and righteous wrath that has been held back so long. This time, belongs to God and He will soon unfold the remaining chapters in the Book of Revelation very soon, that our faith will be put to the test, but God’s children, do not be despair or lose hope for our hope is in Christ, and He is with us till the end of Age.




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18 07 2007

I agree. A friend and I have been talking about this more and more too.

Good blog.

26 07 2007

For thus says the Lord, hear the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Know My people
are called to serve Me, to witness to a dead world, a dead world dead to the things of
the Lord, dead to the things of heaven__they are alive only unto filth and sin (and its
not an alive, and its a death to themselves, but they think its alive__they look upon such
things as good__they do not understand).

You are My light to the world. Stand strong in this light; stand strong. Be the light I
have called you to be. Wherever you are, and wherever I send you, be a light unto the
world, for so I have called everyone of My people.

Now there are some I have called to much higher callings. Humble yourselves. Do not
seek to raise up your ministry. For the moment you seek to raise up your ministry, you
have sought sin and pride.

Seek to raise up the Name of Jesus. Seek to put forth the work of the Lord. Seek what I
would have you do. All those that are called into My work, seek what I would have you
to do__and do it!

If I want it to be raised up, I will raise it up. If I want it put down, I will put it down.
Those who stand up in pride will be put down. Those ministries that have raised up
great ministries__built their name up and not Mine, saith the Lord__they shall be put

When the crash comes__and it shall come, and it shall come soon, and it shall come very
soon__and when it comes, I will crash many ministries at that time. For you see they
will have raised themselves up on a tidal wave of prosperity of the world, and when
that prosperity falls, they will fall with it. For their foundation is built on the love of

But those ministries that are built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, they shall
rise up and continue, for they have been built on a very solid Rock, says the Lord.

2001 02 03.1 Gibson Prophetic Words

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