Key step to walking with God

12 07 2007

I’ve learned one important lesson – Forgiveness is the key to intimacy with God. I’ve struggled with this, to forgive people who has done me wrong and the hardest to forgive is ‘myself’ for all the terrible things i’ve done. I was listening to this song “Grace Like Rain” which is a re-make of Amazing Grace over and over again till the message hit me hard, which is like the Holy Spirit changing something inside of me and told me, forgiveness opens the door to intimacy with God and to get connected with God Almighty on a level above the daily grind of life. I have often scorned on the idea of going on a spiritual ride about getting all hyped up with fluffy spirituality, and i am wrong. It is in fact now considered vulgar to live like what the world wants us to live, and we are commanded to live by faith not by sight, to walk in the Spirit, not by our flesh, to trust in the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind, and not on my circumstances! I am broke, without a single cent and i proudly declare I am rich in Christ not necessarily wealth, and i do not give a hoot about having lots of money, but rich in my intimacy with Him, knowing He provides my next meal, everything that i will need, nothing more, nothing less, and all He wants, is i walk faithfully and in obedience. To do that, is i need to forgive those who has done me wrong, Oh so many, and forgiving the worst sinner ever – Daniel Ho, and i need to let go of my burden, guilt, sin, at the foot of the Cross. Lord, I cannot comprehend the enormity of His Grace and His Love…… i probably will never ever understand