The day i stop caring

1 06 2007

The day i stopped regarding every christians as family or friends. A lesson i’ve learned about the hard truth of life that not all Christians are Believers, not all believers are Disciples, and hence, even so, sometimes a Christian is worse off than a non christian in many ways, and i agree. Over the last one year, Mercy has been telling me that the people in church are my family too, which i grudgingly disagree. They are, but acquaintances whom i see once a week. I think that’s why over so many years, i can let friends go and not feel a thing. Friends come Friends go, and i definitely do not need them to live on. I realised, my heart is dead to the concept of friends that i cannot treat them as family anymore.




One response

11 06 2007

Everyone is our family – relation, race, creed, sex… none of these hold any weight in the eyes of the Lord. Each living thing on this earth has been made in his image and likeness – I pray you find respect and admiration for all that God has created.

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