Embrace adversities

30 05 2007

Wish i could say this, that i have had a good, easy life but i could not. While I recognize that most is the consequences of the actions and decisions i made, and deciding that living in regrets is definitely not the way to move ahead, but embracing the consequences, recognizing that the abilities to forge ahead in adversities is a blessing from God.

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear.

I have unfortunately lacking in courage, and i thank God for these trials, for they are like lessons from the Most High, the university of the divine, where i do not go through the lessons to earn a degree, but approval from God and that i might please Him. The truth is, no one likes trials and pain and discipline, and i often struggle, in fact, many times that i asked God why. God instead of rebuking, He encouraged gently, and often send ‘angels’ to encourage, and most of the time, the most unexpected people.

I’ve learned a lesson – One can only grow amidst of adversities, one can only grow spiritually and mature when he is going through trials, and hopefully the pain in climbing the mountain that I may reach the top and truly enjoy the most beautiful dawn with God.




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