Deceptions in the church

23 05 2007

Matthew 24 bears the words of Jesus of what is about to happen, and more so, now we ought to bear in mind the warnings from the mouth of our Lord Jesus.

One particular warning that the church should be concerned, or rather should i use the word Church loosely, to mean the believers whose faiths are anchored on Jesus and their authority the Word of God, is the rise of false teachers and false prophets.

Make no mistake or be deluded that we are in the age where deceptions within the church have extended to the boundary that should no longer be dismissed. These must come (false teachers and false prophets) that the day of the Lord might be hastened! Church, put your eyes on Jesus, not on these false prophets and false teachers, and not even on the miracles, signs and wonders. Do not be led astray or be deceived by the global peace plans and initiatives that seems to be godly, no. Do not let their teachings and convictions be yours, go study the Word of God, and let it convince and convict you to a deeper relationship with God Himself!




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