In God’s love, i lack nothing.

18 05 2007

Love as I know it, is so different. I am kind of struggling to keep to my schedule in my learning Greek, the language, and even learning the 24 alphabets of Greek from Alpha to Omega has so much revelation! O well, i shall share on that another day.

While I was walking home one night, i was talking to God and I was reminded of what Mercy always talked about – Love, and what Pastor Sally preached about on a couple of sundays about experiencing the Love of God.

Alot of us know the love of God, but have never accepted and experience the love of God. My heart was and still is in some sense, filled with so much hatred and anger and unforgiveness, but what happened over the last few weeks not only made that worse and tender at the same time. I realised who am i to bear unforgiveness towards someone? I am a sinner myself, and i consider myself one of the worst around, and suddenly the revelation while walking home is that I have never experienced the love nor accepted God’s love.

God is and still is a Just God and He is holy, however at the same time, He loves me so much that he has to send Jesus to die for my sins so i can come into His fellowship without any fear of judgment. God above all, desires mercy and love, and the all-loving God is looking down, back and forth on this earth for someone who would receive his love and come to fellowship with Him.

Perfect Love casts out all fears, and i asked myself, what fears? Fears of tomorrow, fears of life, fears of failures, and even the consequences of our sins. God has forgiven me on the Sins I’ve done but He allows us to go through and face the consequences, not because He is sadistic, but such consequences chasten us and remind us of our finiteness and trust in His infinite providence and grace.

I understand how that is because I love Mercy and if I for one, can do what i did, i can’t imagine how much more God can do and is capable of. Even though everything now looks hopeless, but i can trust in a God who loves and i can trust Him for my tomorrow, my today, and in His love, i lack nothing.




2 responses

22 05 2007

This is a lovely post, Dan.

BTW, I’ll be in Malaysia this July for a few days but won’t be able to make it down to Singapore. Do you ever get up to KL?

23 05 2007

Oh that’s cool. I do occasionally…… been to KL only twice.

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