Is Christianity a delusion?

3 05 2007

There is big hole that i cannot avoid it, crawling at the side, i dread looking through, for the bottomless shadow i am afraid, not that i will find out what lies in it, but what it requires me to do to fill that up, the task’s enormous, almost impossible. I can almost feel the weight on my chest, trying hard to breathe and every effort is draining some part of me away. What’s missing? The decision to turn away from God and embrace the darkness like Anakin did? If it requires death to find peace, then how great the price it is to get peace, at the cost of everything, then is peace still worth it? If what is required to fill the hole is me jumping in it, knowing there is more than a chance it won’t accomplish much, for the hole is alot bigger than the universe itself, will my death seeks to fill up that hole, and will i do it? A decision beckons and only time, for i shall not trust in any divine providence, for it is an illusion and a delusion.




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3 05 2007

One does not have to pass and extinguish our God given life to experience death and peace. We can choose to die while never loosing a single breath. By letting the hatred, worry, doubt and other un-God like attributes die within us, we only replace the unclean with the spiritual. Break out that broom of righteousness and sweep out those evil cobwebs of iniquity into the gutters where they belong.

3 05 2007

Just remember that voice telling you Christianity is a delusion may not have your best interests in mind. I, however, do have your interest in mind when I say confidently that your hope is not in vain. Yes, this world sucks, but thank God it’s only temporary. Please stick with it, Daniel.

Love in Christ,


4 05 2007

Daniel Ho ,

God loves you and me too : ) and all your friends so while I know you are going through one of your mood swings, do wake up and come back to being you again soon

6 05 2007

I hope you become encouraged (courage inside of you). I do not know what you are going through but I share some of your discouragement (courage leaves me when I dwell on past hurts and disappointments).We remain plagued by the failures of our past: the lust, the selfishness, and the hurts others have inflicted give us something to magnify pain if we meditate in un-forgiveness. I do not know if I am delusional, whether my aspirations for justice, mercy, and faithfulness will succeed, but I am sure that Christianity is not a delusion because Jesus himself has filled me with a revelation of his Father’s love which is in the world.

It is the blessings I have received that keeps me going. I would have long ago decayed and died had not a real person, Jesus, loved me. He is what the Father’s love looks like.
Even if He were a delusion, I will accept nothing less than Him as my God. Bear with me for just a moment. What would you have for a God worthy to follow? How much love are you willing to admit exists in your life? My love does not measure up to my own standards let alone the standards of those I share this life with, including you. He shows a greater love and invites you to partake.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Death holds no guarantee of peace. Let God bless you. Call upon the name of the Lord. Let him give to you from the peace he carries. He can make you a blessing to yourself and others. His peace surpasses understanding. He would have faced the Cross if you were the only one who was lost without Him. You need him. He has more faith in you than you have in yourself. He wants to redeem that which would otherwise be fallen.

Daniel I pray that you would receive that which you need.

8 05 2007

Dear Bro.,

Pretty surprised by the ‘blues’ that has overtaken you especially I have always enjoy your writing and has been a faithful reader of your blog since the longest time … recently.

As much as I may not agree with you all the time, I have been constantly drawn to your blog by your great sense of openness or even vulnerability and of course the many occasions of courageous and positive declaration of faith and devotion in the things of our Lord Jesus Christ. Always going away encouraged and blessed!

I really think this ‘evil day’ (in the light of eternity) is just for a moment for we, the righteous in Christ shall all see Good Days all the days of our lives and it can only get brighter and brighter as the SON is always shining on us!

Even great men of God like Elijah, David and Moses have their off-days too. Without sounding cliche, but 1 lesson we can all learn from them is that all great works and accomplishments of for that matter even a small act of faithful obedience performed are a result of us turning our eyes onto our lovely Saviour Jesus and let His spirit rest on us and His zoe-life living through us. But the moment we start becoming retrospective and start to look for any good-ness in and of ourselves, we will start going under the water, no matter how many victories we have experienced in the past. Need confirmation? Just ask Apostle Peter! : P

Let’s remind ourselves, as believer of Christ and His Word, we have all started this journey of faith when we FIRST cried out to Him and called Him Saviour! He is still our Saviour today and is still saving (Sozo) us daily in every aspects of our lives. Sometime, He may even need to save us from ourselves! From our self-centredness, self-righteousness and self-occupation!

Maybe just for this period, with no disrespect, you may want to change your blog tag-line from ‘..who am I that God should take notice of me?’ to ‘..Who is THIS God that He should take notice of me?’

Let Him reveal more of Himself to you as much as you delight to find out…


13 05 2007

Wow, I really like Doug’s comment!

19 08 2008

Hmmmm… I maintain that the only way to assess whether ones world view contains any wishful delusion is to observe others with world views which you consider errant, and consider why and how they manage to maintain that world view in the face of contrary evidence. Perhaps as a moderate liberal Christian, studying the more charismatic end of the market as long as the more conservative/creationist churches.

Both these bodies contain, amongst others, seemingly intelligent thoughtful believers, but still they are convinced that evolution is a demonic smoke screen or that the holy spirit enters into them making them occasionally bark like dogs and fall on the ground in convulsions. Some feel that god actually implants visions of the future in their minds and gives them day-to-day advice from god which they are to pass on to a fellow believer. The list goes on, but you get the point? some of these things you might actually agree with, but pick the ones that you don’t and analyses WHY people believe it what rationale/reason denying technique they consciously or unconsciously use.

Maybe then consider that non-Christians think of your belief in the resurrection in the same way that you think of ‘bark like dog, speak in ‘tongues’ and fall into trance’.

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