30 04 2007

I have had enough of all these shit in life, if forgiveness is something i need to find from God and go through all these shit as punishment, then keep the forgiveness for someone else. I do not need His forgiveness. My hatred grows daily for myself, for those who did me wrong. I will not forgive Simone, Andrea, Amos, Norman and those who have sinned against me. So now, i preached what i believe – i do not expect forgiveness from God and let hatred reign in my heart today.




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13 05 2007

(i randomly found your blog by clicking ‘next’ on my blog, im still only trying to figure out how to use this blogger properly…)

i dont think that God punishes, but disciplines, its different. The God of Chrisitianity is different from other religions in that we are accepted by grace, and He knows humans cant be expected to live up to a divine standard. of course there are consequences for our actions but thats different to punishment…


15 05 2007
Jaclyn Cheng

I am sure Jesus understands your hatred and disappointment towards people.
The depths and the ability for us to overlook people’s flaws and mistakes have a limitation.
That’s why Jesus is there for us, to shower us with His bottomless pit of love.
We get our strength from Him. We fail, but we are only human.
I am sure Jesus still love us humans forever and ever.

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