Life is about decisions

28 04 2007

I’ve learned in my short life of 30, that there is only one word that sums up what’s living is about – it is about making decisions and choices. Along since i was 10, i made the decision to accept Jesus as my Saviour, though i wasn’t really living it out until i was 15 or 16 in one of the youth camps that i truly decided to pursue Him as my Lord.

In life, maybe it is inevitable that we will fall, and it seems almost impossible to comprehend what it is like to know a person who has never fallen into sin. Sin has it lures of temporal pleasures and it does offer a short fleeting moment of satisfaction, but in the end, it is always pain, guilt, and perhaps detrimental to our walk in Christ.

I have made many terrible decisions, made many wrong choices, had my share of shameful period of lifestyle in debauchery, fleshly gratification, and worldly carnal pleasures. In those days, i’ve sow many seeds of iniquities, and reaping the consequences now as i believe. If my life is measured by my actions and speech, I would be damned to eternity in hell, that’s why till today i am awed, overwhelmed by His Grace and His Mercy especially that who am i that He should save me and notice me and pulled me from the pits of hell that i was.

I realised today, when Mercy said something, since i came into her life, i have been a source of distraction for her in many areas – her spiritual walk, her work etc. And i agree with her after giving it some consideration.  And then i read an article on the newsletter.

By faith Moses, when he was grown up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin.
–Hebrews 11:24-25

It breaks my heart when I see young people who were raised in the Church decide to search for something else. It’s always sad when they think they have missed something by being in a home with conservative Christian convictions and values.

The truth is they find out they haven’t missed anything???except a lot of heartache and trouble.

The Bible forthrightly acknowledges that there may be a “fleeting” pleasure to sin. But that’s the problem???the fun wears off very quickly, and all that’s left is the pain and regret of sinful choices.

But because sin does seem to offer pleasure, it takes strong convictions and rock-solid values to live for Christ. Moses had those convictions, so he chose to follow the Lord even though, as the son of Pharaoh, he could have had all the pleasures that the world had to offer.

But notice that Moses’ decision to live for God involved a willingness to be mistreated. There’s a lesson here for us: there is no shortcut or quick fix when it comes to living a Christ-like life.

Holding to your convictions is not always the easy choice, even though it is always the right choice.

When you try to hold on to the world and to Christ at the same time, you’ll get the worst of both worlds and the best of none. Being true to Christ is a decision you have to make every day. My prayer is that it will be the decision you make!


And i wonder have i made the decision to follow and live for Christ? I feel I have not been living up to His standard and fallen so short of what’s required. Will I have the courage to live for Christ or will i give in to the demands and lures of this world?




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