Why i prefer to be a nobody

27 04 2007

The sayings go “When you are famous, everyone want a piece of you.” is true for people who have a high profile. The mistakes get amplified, and problems will stack so high and sometimes it requires an equal amount of character to match that expectation.

I prefer to be a nobody, i prefer to be alone, i prefer to mind my own business and get on with life on my own because i wouldn’t be a target, nor the burden of responsibilities for other people. When i was in the officer’s school, was taught this concept of the “Burden of Command” that when we are placed into the roles of leadership, we carried the burden of responsibilities not just the power, it is that burden that we respect and carry out duties out well, and that’s what we get our soldiers alive through war and tough times.

I am a nobody, and i prefer to remain it that way. I see nothing good can come out of me.




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