Modernistic look at religion vs Atheism.

25 04 2007

There are a sharp increase in world views on God and spiritual things through the eyes of an atheist. Atheism is on the move. Just because they can’t see God or see faith, it means it doesn’t exist, but the same principle in reasoning fails to sustain itself when it is applied to gravity, or even the air we breathe. The truth is we ‘see’ the effects of gravity, or the uses of air that keeps us alive, nevertheless, the effects of God’s existence is denied without any serious intellectual thoughts given to it, or even when evidences that compel them to make a reasonable deduction, it is soon to be dismissed. Why?

The spiritual blindness will increase in the end days, that includes those who are fallen, and are disobedient. How can we see God unless God himself choose to reveal Himself? Until someone switch the light on, we are in darkness, unable to find our ways around. Atheism is like a blind man in a dark room, finding meaning to his existence, deny the existence of light and the denial of his own environment. How can one punch some light into an atheist? We can’t, unless God do that work. Jesus had to blind Saul so he can be Paul, to see through the eyes of faith, that there is a God and His Name is Jesus

Throughout the ages, intellectual tries to explain Jesus, tho we had great teachers like Apostle Paul, Origen, Jerome and many but the essence of faith is not a product of intellectual pursuit, this the Atheist and the Skeptics had failed to come to terms, it is a revelation that a child can understand. The scientific laws can attest to the fallen world, but does not explain where it will go or lead us, and yet, more people rather trust in Science than the Truth.

The pursuit of Truth is not a sprint, but a marathon, in which the finishing line might be when i stand before the Great White Throne of God when He said, “well done, good and faithful servant” that’s my desire. That my desire is to impart that to those around me. Atheism is a lie, a lie that we want to believe that we can lead and command our own destinies, but when trouble comes, atheism is not the answer




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