Benny Hinn is in Singapore

14 04 2007

The author of the best seller – good morning Holy Spirit is in town! In fact, i thought Mercy would want to go down and attend the crusades at the Indoor Stadium, on the contrary, she didn’t want to go down. I thought with my biasness on Mr Benny Hinn, I would be the one saying that. Over the many months, there were TB Joshua, Rev Kobus, Apostle Roderick, and Apostle Renato which i have met and heard their preachings, except that this time, i wasn’t too enthusiastic of joining the mad rush to hear this man. In my opinion, and i must admit i might be prejudiced, in fact, i view such chasing after preachings as a form of idolatry. Aren’t we Christians commanded to only seek God in that manner and not man? Mr Benny Hinn is after all a man, no matter what people said how annointed he is, my desire is to seek God and God alone. I am glad no one ask me to go down because i know i will make some illogical statement about this man’s ministry and i do not want to do that, because first, the same yardstick i gave when i went to Prophet TB Joshua’s crusades, i will applied the same. I have not met Benny Hinn, nor sat down in one of his crusades, nor listen to his preachings, i will urged all so called ‘anti-benny hinn’ radicals to focus instead on what is more important, the pursuit of our Lord Jesus and all that about God that matters more.




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