In the name of unity

2 04 2007

I’ve had engaging conversations bordering to argument and some just pure angry exchanges on a single topic more than any others, that’s the the discussion on the unity of the Church today. Whenever I point out unbiblical doctrines of the Catholics and their practises, i got comments on why I am wrong, or when i point out why i believe the various doctrines of some famous preachers today are wrong, and a huge argument will result even from making a simple observation as that. Why is the buzz word of compromising and unity so crucial to our faith today?

Instead of mutually edifying when we talk about Unity, it destroys and mutually disengage us with what the Word of God actually teaches. Jesus prayed that his disciples be one, and the church be one, Jesus is not advocating compromising the very foundation of the very fellowship – the birth, life, death, resurrection and the pending return of Jesus. The very identity of Jesus and His relation to our faith is one which has been attacked by gnostics, and pagans alike in literature and in movies, and more recently, merely a century since the break of World War I, the Age of ideologies and now the Age of Self gave rise to a century dominated by wickedness and evil. The very thing Jesus prayed for, today, is a tool by which our foundation is eroded and compromised for the namesake call Unity.

The break of the 20th century, ecumenical movement was conceived to bring all the different groups of the protestants such as Protestants, Reformed Christians, Methodists, Anglicans, Presbyterians, etc back to conversation and form superchurches, soon, the very idea was endorsed by Billy Graham who headed an organisation to lead the ecumenical movement. And soon, the Roman Catholic Church broke into the scene after the late Pope Paul in the Council of Vatican II began to break away from their fortress mentality to engage the world and to promote Humanism. Humanization broke loose to sexual immoralities among the Catholics and Churches who are in the Ecumenical movement – priests molestation, pastors into homosexual lifestyle. Hence the vision of Jesus about the unity of the Church is far from what the church is today. What went wrong?

As i studied the church history, Man began to look away from the traditional moral guide which is the Scripture, the Word of God as eternal, unchanging principles where we must governed our lives on, and moving away from that eternal pillar of God’s Laws, we prostituted and promoting Experiences over the eternal foundation, and there is nothing wrong with feeling passionate for Christ and God, and surely following God takes the lion out of our passion, but i am saying, that experiences is now the authority by which our faith is defined, and no longer the Scriptures. How many times do we hear from people who came out of a church service, WOW, what a great worship! Feel God is so near and the preacher is so annointed! There must be something terribly wrong isn’t it? Experiences cannot change us, only the Word of God. Do not conform to the patterns of this world (feel), but be transformed by the renewing of our mind (the Word of God). Only the Word of God can eternally and surely transform us from within and moulding us to the image of God!

I will put more of my thoughts down at a later time, if you have any thoughts, please do comment and as we learn from each other, like iron sharpens iron, we will be mutually encouraged.




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2 04 2007

I am in agreement with you brother! When I think about what God sees when He looks down on us, He sees the Church as a whole. We are His Bride and should be holy and blameless. When someone asks me what denomination I am, I tell them I am not part of a denomination. I am in the Body of Christ and I follow the Bible.
I think too many so called believers have one foot in the world and one foot in Christ and Jesus says that ain’t gonna happen! It is time for us to pick up our cross! Our nation will not be healed until we, the Christians, humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and seek God with everything we have!

4 04 2007

I think there will be disagreements between any two Christians because we are imperfect. We need to decide what is an uncompromisable truth and what is an area where we can “live and let live.”

We are not the first to think of this idea. The “catholic” church was formed by those who adhered to the universally agreed-upon doctrines, such as those expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. (The word “catholic” means universal.)

Your insisentence that experience has no value to change lives, for example … I would have to disagree. (I believe experience of the Word, not just study of the Word, is necessary.) But just because I disagree with your statement, I still accept you as a true brother in Christ. See? Major on majors, minor on minors.

4 04 2007

don’t get me wrong bro…. experience does play a part in defining our christian faith, as experience ought to be the expression of our faith. However, to weigh the two polars of christianity – theology and experience, there is a danger when we place experiences over the theology (Word of God), and even more dangerous if we were to give authority by how we feel (the danger of charismatic and pentecostal churches today) over the Word of God. Until christians began to realise that their christian expression of their faith through their experiences with God must be defined and governed by the Word of God, and not the other way 🙂

Hence this experiences and its exaltation among the christian churches is consistent with Humanization of our faith, which is the root problem of increasing sexual immoralities among the christians, because how we feel, to love, to accept each other and not putting a firm foot down on right and wrong, is eroding our lines of moralities. Secularization of our experiences with out the guiding of God’s Words will render us christian who profess the the Cross but denying the power thereof.

5 04 2007

Understood! Thanks for the clarification.

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