Where my ministry is going…

27 03 2007

For so many years, i choose not to commit into a ministry because i do not want to do something which i am not called to in the first place, and just waiting for God to show me where i will serve, and until recently, Mercy, whom God has put in my life, and has been a great source of encouragement, and she really does push me in my walk with God says….

I am called to the mission field, to teach and equip people for the Lord.

I wonder am i? I know when i was in india for mission trip, my heart cried when i saw the multitude, and my heart still burns to teach His Precepts and His Words, to present a message of grace and mercy and of love to those who has no hope, no love, and in bondage. I am starting to write my novel (although it is slow moving, but i am making progress) which its main theme is about a boy who died without knowing God despite being surrounded by Christians. I am surrounded by non christians constantly and yet, why is my heart not burdened to tell them about God? Is this coldness a deadly disease that strikes in my spiritual indifference, it terrifies me! Lord, let it be null and let me burn. My heart that the short story will put the passion of telling someone, at least one a day about Jesus, that there won’t be another Joe in our lives (Joe is the boy in the novel).




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