We gave too much credit to Evil

20 03 2007

Had some thoughts recently about Evil and Good, about ‘ying’ and ‘yang’. Is this two forces on the equal side, balancing each other out? Well alot of people including Christians believe that. I believe otherwise, Evil is not equal to Good. Satan and Evil cannot stand up even to the slightest challenge to God who epitomize all things Good. Evil and Satan are allowed to exist for the sole sovereign will of God, for it proves that despite evil, God’s perfect will rules the entire creation, God does what He pleases, and Evil cannot thwart His plans. My God is above the concept of good vs evil, there is no comparison at all!




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20 03 2007

I don’t believe God has a hand in the existence of evil. God is good and is nothing but good – spending any effort on anything but good would take away from doing good. If given a choice between good and evil, why would God even entertain the thought of evil when that same thought could be used for good?

Rather I feel God knows of things that are not good and bestows his Grace and Goodness to everything, offering those who are lost in the temporal the opportunity to turn a new leaf and begin living an eternal life under God’s care by following his Guidance while also rewarding those that do good with goodness.

Although I think the theory of Yin and Yang can play a big part in the mortal as we have come to know it, I don’t think those same theories could be applied to the spiritual. God is good and that foundation of goodness stands on its own with no need for counter balance.

20 03 2007

I don’t believe God has a hand in the existence of evil, but to say that would imply the slightest hint that evil is outside of God’s control?

Let’s consider this – Evil is allowed to exist for the sole purpose of God in His sovereign will, that all things will work together for the good of His character and purpose.

To even consider that evil can exist with or without God’s is to give credit to Evil that’s more powerful than what it really is. So there must be some room we must allow to believe God permitted it to exist for the time being, until one day in coming future, Jesus will come back and eradicate the problem of Evil forever.

True, God does not need anyting to counterbalance Him for there is none that can match the slightest of His Sovereign and His Holiness.

20 03 2007

I think God gives everything evil a chance to become good, but then destroys bits of things that are evil when he feels it is necessary.

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