Simple life

20 03 2007

Into the night

I love this picture, which reminded me of the evening walks I took in Finland. The houses are like that, the streams running along the banks of frozen snow. It exudes the quietness of the evening under the red warm sunlight. I realized suddenly how much i miss those times, the simple life and to one of my favourite passages in the bible.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

My heart longs for the quiet intimacy shared in the closed fellowship of my God, the gentle whispers of a friend carried on the strong northern wind, and as the running streams bear the eternity slipping past with minutes too short to spend in conversation with an eternal God. But soon, the time will come, when the Master is calling to arms, picking up that Shield of faith, putting on the breastplate of Christ’s righteousness, the belt of truth, the sandals of peace, and dorning the Helmet of Salvation, and raising that Sword of the Word of God to battle, battle and rallying behind my commander in chief, my Lord, my God – Jesus against the hordes i will stand. That time will come, and i want to make the stand and to be counted for my God. In the meanwhile, let me just bask in stroll of God’s timing.




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