Pray for the healing power for AIDS today!

8 03 2007

Patricia King

The Gospel of today – Jesus heals your sickness, You will be blessed and He wants you to be prosperous! You are destined to greatness! Jesus can heal your AIDS, come and experience the Miracle of God today and your healing is only a prayer away.

The Gospel of the Scriptures, that the Apostles preached – We have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, and are justified freely by his Grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. The issue has always been that we are sinners, because of Sin, Christ died to reconcile us to God. Jesus said, Surely you will be persecuted because of Him, because the World hates Him, so we will surely be persecuted. The things of this world will pass, so will your wealth, your expensive car, your big house or even your career.

The difference? The two ends of the world. Church today sell Jesus like a miracle worker, who has the answer to our sicknesses, and our poverty, (I am not saying Jesus can’t be), however, we have diluted the Gospel, to call all Sinners to good news, that Jesus came to die FIRST for our sins, and He is resurrected, and only through our faith in Him, and the confessing of our mouth, that we will be SAVED. It makes me wonder, are we preaching a gospel that’s different from what the Apostles preached? Another Gospel?




One response

23 01 2009
Tina Solomon

Yes, God is real, and he Is alive and well. I Believe In your testimony.
Be Blessed, stay Obedient and Faithful unto him

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