12 02 2007

To pardon the offense of another is an act of love, and more so, to pardon and redeem that connection is divine. It is easy to forgive, no matter how grievous that offense can be, the capacity to forgive is there, but the hardest is forgiving oneself and therefore the single biggest barrier is forgiving of ourselves. Setting free to soar, i am tied down to the cage by my own design, completely subjugated without reprieve. Lamented, i yearn to find that peace and freedom. Dashing hopes on jagged rocks of disappointment, I realized ultimately the journey in life is to be walked by Christ alone. I am looking forward to the day ‘Christian’ from the Pilgrim’s progress – John Bunyan, finally put down his burden and rock and the past, and the guilt at that cross on the hill. While i choose not to hate, only to be disgusted by my trust in people, leaving me wondering in godly bewilderment – Lost and losing hope in a hopeless cause.




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