Trading the pulpit with White coat

8 02 2007

Mr Ted Haggard, said in Denver Post, that he is ‘completely heterosexual’ and will be leaving ministry for secular work after being fired from his pastoral duties. Mr Ted is considering taking Masters in Psychology with his wife and going into secular work.

It is sad to hear another ‘supposedly man of God’ trading the ministry to secular work like the former pastor-wife of Pastor Kong from City Harvest Church. It is not about his alleged sexual immoralities with a male prostitute or even the substance abuse, but the outcome of his repenting in faith and where it led him to. I would love to see this man like Jim Bakker, who fell, but come back to serve God in greater annointing. I believe God has not left this man, but tugging at his heart, that if should one day when God works in his heart, he will come back to serve Him in a greater way than before. I will be keeping in prayer for Mr Ted.




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9 02 2007

You have a kind and gracious heart, Daniel!

God bless you,

9 02 2007

Apparently not, i was accused by a fellow christian of not showing love and grace to a catholic who came in here with his stupid comments. well, maybe i should be all mean and cynical.

9 02 2007

Sometimes people project their own feelings into our words, Daniel. You are honest and direct, but I’ve not read anything here that would be off-putting.

Years ago, a friend of mine started out a sermon by asking the following: Have you been letting the “SNIOP’s” get you down?

SNIOP’s is not actually a word. It is an acrostic with stands for…

S usceptibility (to the)
N egative
I nfluences (of)
O ther
P eople

Kinda’ goofy, I know. But we were much younger then. My encouragement for you is that you guard your heart against a susceptibility to the negative influences of other people!

Since you serve a risen Savior, no one should be able to get you down!!!


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