Do Catholics worship Mary?

5 02 2007

Read the article by Mary Ann Collins

While many catholics will defend their faith that Catholics do not worship Mary, doesn’t fall in consistent with what the Roman Catholic Church and the leaders (Pope) profess. The question of Marian worship has recently come into focus again when a Catholic scholar and Apologist wrote this book “Hail, Holy Queen” answer why Roman Catholic ‘venerate’ Mary as the “new EVE” and her role in Man’s redemption. I do not understand why most catholics deny what their leaders “the pope” believe in.




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6 02 2007

luke1:38 And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

who promoted her?

7 02 2007

The pope of course, perhaps the pope thinks he is above God.

17 03 2007

Be careful of what you promote. Mary Ann Collins is not one real person but a collection of people who are promoting hatred between Christian groups so that the work of the devil may continue in a secular society : creating conflict and diversion to keep God’s gift of Salvation from being promoted to those who need to hear it most: the victims of a secular society.
The majority of the world worships secularism, not Mary.
Leave the Catholics alone, it’s the secular majority that needs saving.
A divided house cannot stand, and the group that uses the name “Mary Ann Collins” (and indeed they are a group of people, that is constantly changing) is determined to divide God’s house here on earth as much as they can to keep the souls that need to hear God’s Word from hearing it.
If you doubt me, try to find any proof of Mary Ann Collins. She never existed.
Those who are supported by the Truth do not need to fear as “she” claims “she” does.

I strongly encourage you to not blindly follow those that hide, but rather follow those that, like the Early Church, were willing to give their lives for Christ.
If the Catholics were after people like “Mary Ann Collins”, then people like Bart Brewer would be never heard of.

May God bless you in your walk with Him!

15 01 2010

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