Am i a….

5 02 2007

Am i a Calvinist or an Armininian? I am both. After many moments (some real short) of consideration, i have decided to take a stand of neither, for i am a Christian, and the scriptures shall be my whole counsel, i will not take a stand on one end to another. However, i will need to justify why i am taking this stand. I am taking neither side because i believe in both side of the classical theism thoughts of God’s irresistable grace and human will to decide. I once told someone, Arminianism and Calvinism are like two huge pillars both reaching upwards to heaven, balancing each other, however if one were to take an extreme end, it will be unbalanced (logically), and these two pillars will never meet.

I am a firm believer in this – God is sovereign. Man’s a complete fallen, unregenerated creature and we are incapable in any sense, to reach out to touch the eternal God Himself. Unless God choose to reach out, with the power of His grace and mercy, cause us to be regenerated. The question is however, we often ask what is regeneration? When does regeneration start? A sinner is completely incapable of decision that leads him to the knowledge of salvation unless the work of the Holy Spirit began in him, causing a light to shine in the darkness of his heart. At that point, God is a gentleman, until the sinner confessed, there are two views on this – The grace of God became irresistable and caused man to confess his sins, second, the grace of God became available and irresistable until the sinner decide for himself to ask for forgiveness. One the work from God to cause us to confess, second, our confession is a result of our decision. This is a tough proposition to consider, saying i believe in both. Human will can (not arrogance that we can attain salvation by our will), but the human will is empowered by what is put in us, the need for intended fellowship with the Eternal God. (When the holy spirit touches one person’s spirit, from the pits of spiritual death, he will have a glimpse of eternity in spiritual life) and that’s the crux of a person at a verge of decision. To reject that, or be compelled to salvation. More to come when i have sorted out my thoughts on this issue.



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