To take dominion over the earth….

21 01 2007

I have heard preachers taking the pulpit exhorting christians to take dominion over the earth as a call to prosperity! I was reminded of this ‘word’ when i was walking to the train and suddenly i wonder if Christians were called to take dominion. This is perhaps if i am not wrong, from the Adamic Covenant. There are Noahic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Mosaic Covenant, and Davidic Covenant. I have always wonder why each covenant exists and its significance. There could be a few reasons to their recording.

First – Christians today are inheritance and part of the covenant God made with each of these people – Adam, Noah, Abraham, David etc, and we need to step up and claim the Covenant relationship.

Second, these covenants were recorded to give us an overview of God’s plan. From Adamic – The promise to claim dominion were given to Adam, (The first Adam and the entire human race), Noahic, – God’s salvation narrowed down to the generation of one man, Abrahamic – The gift of salvation is now narrowed down to the descendant of a faithful man – Abraham, through the Mosaic Covenant, God set His standard and the truth is, the law points to the need of a saviour, and it gave the opportunity for a need for a saviour. If there is no law, no standard, there won’t be a need for a Saviour. Davidic covenant narrowed down to a lineage of a man, whose heart is after God. And all these were fulfilled in one man – Jesus.

Third – These covenants do not have any significance and meaning to our faith today except a testament of God’s relationship with Man in History?



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21 01 2007


maybe God intended man to have dominion from the very beginning…contrary to what people would like to think God has had a plan from the start…unfortunately man has a way of mucking things up. He didn’t give Adam a promise of dominion…he gave him dominion over everything (see Genesis)…

If there is no law, no standard, there won’t be a need for a Saviour.

If there was no sin we wouldn’t need a Saviour…the Laws and the Standards merely reveal to man their need for a Saviour…You are correct in that Jesus is the fulfillment of all of the Old Testament Covenants…He did so that we may Live Life the way God Originally intended…with self control(dominion of emotions) Healthy(dominion over our bodies), prosperous(dominion over our finances),

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. -John 10:10

21 01 2007

Is anything else significant? Hmmm.

21 01 2007

I re-read and think I get your drift.

Do those covenants apply to us today?

Being under the covenant also put man under the law, yes?

So, we ask, then, also, since we are not under the law, does the law still hold any significance for us today?

It says that the law is our tutor…teacher. Good thoughts out there on this lately. I think of a blog entry over at

I think it was in December somewhere if you care to dig a bit. Good reading.

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