Pat Robertson’s prophecy

8 01 2007

Pat Robertson, a conservative Christian leader said God told him a terrorist attack will result in millions dead in the second half of 2007 in the United States. Link

 “I’m not saying necessarily nuclear, the Lord didn’t say nuclear,” Mr Robertson said on his television show The 700 Club. “It’ll be mass killing, possibly millions of people, major cities.

Pat Robertson’s message to the people of USA in an event of a terrorist attack on this prophecy is neither to lead people to repentance.

“The evil people will come after this country and there’s a possibility, not a possibility, a definite certainty, that chaos is going to rule.” Mr Robertson told viewers they should not be afraid because “if you get blown up or something, you go to heaven; that’s the worst thing that will happen to you”.

No, the worst thing beside being blown to bits and pieces is that the people will go to hell if they do not know Jesus as their saviour! There is only ONE way to qualify Pat Robertson as a prophet, that if he is truly a prophet, all these WILL TAKE PLACE by the end of 2007, or he is a false prophet and will leave him as God will deal with all False Prophets in the end days.




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8 01 2007

Right on about this. The true test of a prophet is whether or not it comes to pass. It’s not rocket science; it’s scripture. As for this comment by Pat Robertson, time will tell. That’s where I leave it. Just abide in the shadow of the Almighty and trust him in all things.

21 01 2007
Dave Bennett

Having had dreams and visions at my house, I believe that the Lord does allow us to see in part and to know in part some of the potentialities. I recently had a vision that was absolutely on the money (correct). My wife has had two very unusual dreams.

This does not mean that we have a full understanding although we can infer what we think they mean.

While I am not generally given to dreams and visions we were strongly moved by them and share them. We also share what we think they mean allowing that things change. One of the huge things that can change outcomes is INTERCESSORY PRAYER by Christians.

In other words, we feel that we have had dreams and visions we feel are from the Lord, We prayed and asked HIM to show us things and we believe they are from his hand.

This does not mean we can say for a certainty what will happen but rather we share what our dreams and visions were for others to evaluate.

I personally believe there are likely to be incursions against our precious nation and the degree of this will depend on intercessory prayer.

With respect to Mr. Robertson he has been right on many occasions and I personally dont think he has anything to prove here. If he has had a strong word from the scriptures complimented with dreams or visions he probably feels very strongly about it. Hopefully, he is not overstepping himself, but you know he loves the Lord and has done so much for the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to hear what my wife and I heard and saw you might do well to talk to us.

5 02 2007
Cynthia Wilson Cole

I would like to know what you and your wife heard and saw. I am a fellow believer in Christ our Lord.

26 02 2007
Maricela Castillo

I would also like to know what you and your wife heard and saw in the visions and dreams. I am a fellow believer in Jesus Christ as well and have been thinking about these latest prophecies and warnings to our beloved nation.

26 02 2007
Maricela Castillo

I might add, Psalm 91 has been very reassuring to me these days. 🙂

10 03 2007
Josh F

I have no problem believing the God comes to us in visions and dreams, but that does not mean we are to believe every person who claims to have recieved such visions. Personally, I’m very skeptical and if he has lied, he should be excommunicated from the church and be exposed for the fraud he is.
Another thing, Pat didnt say that prayer would change anything, he just said that America would be attacked. This is a serious departure from the OT prophets who always allowed for repentance.
That brings up another thing, interssesory prayer is not answer REPENTANCE is. That’s what the message of the prophets was. Yes prayer is important, but prayer without a repentace of our nation’s sins and a true change in direction, prayer is useless.
Anyway, i rant too much,

27 03 2007

after the man of lawlessness has been revealed, it is more likely satan will be released from the abysis than a terrorist attack in 2007

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