Good but tiring weekend

8 01 2007

Spent a good weekend with Mercy. On saturday, we were at the music ministry, and on sunday, we went with the group for lunch at Long John Silver @ Far East and had lots of fun and after that, Mercy and I went off to National Library. We really enjoyed each other’s company and i think we will be spending alot more time at the National Library in future as we both love to read. We borrowed some books and i am reading this book – Theology after Liberalism by John Webster and George P Schner. It discussed about the neoliberal theology that pervades the Christian world today especially the Charismatic. A good sequel to Charismatic Chaos where John MacArthur Jr talked about the growing Charismatic confusion and the underlying errors that have invaded many christian practises within the Charismatic churches. It is scary how neoliberal theology is much influenced by the ecumenical catholic movements and how can the Protestant today can defend our faith and uphold the Truth. (See the new book by John MacArthur Jr on the “FIGHT FOR TRUTH”)




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