It is still raining……

19 12 2006

It has been raining for two days non stop now, mood is still registered “nostalgic”. Went for the prayer meeting at 6am, (got there at 6.25am), and prayed. Even though we have only 4 of us there, it is a good start. As usual, i prayed silently, no noise whatsoever, feeling that i am spiritually dried up, using up the last ounce of hope, leaving nothing but dust choking my spiritual senses, and even though it is raining outside, i wonder if i am ready to receive God’s blessing? Maybe that’s why the money is not in yet. Should i trust God? Sometimes it is so easy to say Trust Him, but when it comes to the thick of the trials, it is so hard to trust, literally requiring every bit of strength to trust Him. It is like taming a wild horse, it takes all of my strength to do so. Whatever it is, i purposed in my heart to trust in Him, and i think God knows better than me in running my life. I shall trust, and continue to do good for it pleases Him.




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21 12 2006

May God send the holy rain of His Holy Spirit to refresh and renew you spirit, as well as wash away the dust that is choking your spiritual senses. In the name of Jesus I pray. May it be so.

21 12 2006

Thanks! No news on the money yet. Sigh. very discouraged, almost fuming and frustrated.

23 12 2006

Raining for two days straight, and that’s phenomenal? Last December, it rained for 28 days straight here in Seattle.

23 12 2006

Seattle, of course, it is normal to have rain for more than 2 days, but not in SE Asia, the two days rain gave the countries here accumulated rainfall for a year, most parts of Malaysia were flooded, more than 60000 people have to be evacuated from the coastal towns. I heard there will be a coming storm in the next few days, and the authorities in Singapore, and Malaysia are preparing for another round of flooding.

28 12 2006

True. My wife reminded me that rain in SE Asia is not like here. There, it really rains. Here, it is more of a continual drizzle.

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