Trusting God

15 12 2006

Just had a walk at 12.30am and was talking to God, it is so hard to trust in Him. How does one trust in Him? I am such a wretched person, i do not know how….. God! i am so limited! what a wretched being i am! That i cannot do anything aside from you! God, help me, help me to trust You, give me the faith Father!




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15 12 2006
Kevin Leggett

Can I join in on the wretchedness? Seriously. I neglect Him on an almost daily basis. Often take the credit for what He does. And yet, I am loved.

What helped me understand all this was becoming a father myself. I LOVE my kids. I lavish that love on them. And they will always remain absolutely perfect in my eyes.

15 12 2006

Same here. welcome to the Wretched club, we have abundance of Grace and Love from God, and we wear Mercy from God daily on our badge. I am not a father, but i know what you mean….. is my Father still see me perfect? i miss Him putting his hand on my shoulder telling me everything is ok and say Just trust in me.

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