The state vs the Church

15 12 2006

Had a chat with Dave last night on State vs Church. He said something which kept me thinking…. Will God deal with the state as with Israel, the secular government, United States the so called ‘Christian’ country, and the church herself?

I woke up with a glimpse of the subject, totally from God i guess. God’s heart lies with Israel, be it secular government or a theocratic society. God deals with the state Israel as it is a representation of His chosen people. Dave brought up United States as a parallel to Israel (State-Church) and (State-People). However, we forgot God deals with the State of Israel from a Monarch and now a secular government, for Israel still represents the People of God, Jews. It is different from United States, the Church is not solely representing United States as there are churches in Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and even in the Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. The Church is a spiritual extension to the Children of Abraham. God deals with the Church and God deals with His people Israel.

We need to stand up and pray for Israel, praying for Peace, praying for the Jews to return to God, not trusting in their weapons, military intelligence, even in their nuclear capability, for God Jehovah is their God. I stand in prayer for my brothers that they will turn to Jesus, the Messiah.




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