A homosexual church in Singapore

14 12 2006

As i was surfing through to this site, and read this letter addressed to Pastor Prince of New Creation Church, i realised how deluded these ‘christians’ are.

To be rejected by family, friends and society is one thing but to be rejected by the very ground of your being — God — often becomes unbearable.

To stand corrected, the Church does reject homosexuals, and i find that sometimes it is so hard to differentiate the two matters – the person concerned, and their homosexual lifestyle. I stand under conviction, the homosexual lifestyle must be rejected within the church and as such, the church must not endorse such lifestyle as acceptable be it socially, or spiritually from the christians or people who professed themselves to be disciples of Jesus.

Haveners come to worship and fellowship together weekly and hail from a variety of age groups, social backgrounds and religious traditions. Though the majority of Haveners belong to mainstream evangelical churches, we have Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Christians from other denominations, all of whom bring a unique contribution to the group. We have also welcomed Muslims and Buddhist members into our midst with the understanding that at no time will they be pressured into converting to Christianity. While all Haveners are currently GLB we hope to have straight members within our fold soon.

One thing to note, how can these homosexuals worship God who explicitly in many times, spoke out against homosexuals, that those who practise homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God, and God’s wrath remains in them!  It doesn’t matter what traditions these people came from, for one thing is sure, all ecumenical movements encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church do these things – indulging in homosexual lifestyles, and applause those who practise it as well. Didn’t the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:32 “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only do these very things, but also approve of those who practice them.” Such homosexual christians, and the Roman Catholic Church are under the Wrath of God. While, the church must first be identified as one who loves each other, but not on the grounds of compromising what is decree in God’s Words specifically. Even Apostle Paul urged the Corinthian church to expel the sexually immoral brother (1 Corinthians 5:1-12). What fellowship and association have the believers who ought to walk and excel in a life of purity got with people who professed to be christians but continue to live in Sins and no conviction on the purity and holiness required and commanded by the God they professed? Absolutely NONE.

Safehaven is a proactively inclusive, welcoming and tolerant community. The only people who are not welcome are those who will not give others the breathing space to hold their own views.

Surely, they have no tolerance of how mainstream christians think and holding on to their own convictions that homosexuality has no place in the life of a Christian. As shown clearly, they are not tolerant of Pastor Prince’s views?

In September 2002, a Havener who attended New Creation Church (“NCC”), located at the Rock Auditorium in Suntec City, highlighted that the Senior Pastor made regular derogatory remarks about GLB persons in his sermons. The remarks were affecting her partner and placing their 20-over year relationship under stress. At the same time, that church’s leadership told a different Havener that unless he stopped living as a gay person he would be excommunicated from the church.

In response we drafted a letter to ask the pastor to cease making derogatory statements and actions that would affect the psychological and spiritual health of its members and offered to meet up with the church’s leadership.

The above matter is one i need to stand up and applause Pastor Prince’s stance to demand the people involved to forsake their homosexual lifestyle. Church discipline is necessary and at times, is a tool to exercise of godliness and of love. While the Homosexual church preach a feel good gospel to its members without the call to conviction in the person’s life to be holy and pure before God, it is a whitewashed lie from the pit of hell. The fruits of our salvation must lead us to a deeper conviction of our sinful nature, and a greater propensity to life of purity and holiness, as when one walk with God, for only those PURE IN HEART will see God.

Unfortunately the Christian church has been one of the great perpetrators of injustice — from the Inquisition, to the slave trade in the Americas, the Crusades and the suppression of women to colonial subjugation under the guise of missionary work — horrendous injustices have been perpetuated under the name of Christ. Today that injustice includes the mistreatment and maligning of GLB people.

And again these homosexual church leaders show their immaturity in interpreting history. Inquisition, slave trade, the crusades etc as listed are truly works of evil. I have no doubt, and personally, there has been a lack of distinction between people who call themselves christians and professing the Cross but lack the power thereof to lead a life befitting of a christian. For the last two thousand years, these perpetrators have diluted their christianity in the name of God to do such evil things, to what ends? To build a kingdom for themselves here on earth. I stand in conviction again, the same mistakes by these political and earthly organisation and people who in the name of God, can be revisited by the Church today, let us not make the mistake neither should we compromise God’s Word.

Yet the fact remains that within the church’s dark history there have also been sporadic beacons of justice and emancipation. William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln are names that come to mind, in relation to the legal abolishment of slavery for instance. And of course there is the Saint of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, who brought unconditional dignity and humanity to the impoverished in her adopted land. It is because of inspirations like these that we at Safehaven believe that the Christian faith is not bankrupt and strive to change our own worlds a little bit at a time.

While i admire William Wilberforce who was one of England’s outspoken politician against the slave trade, and Mother Teresa, for her selfless work in India for the poor, ophans, and the lepers, i cannot equate the work of these people to the same as the homosexual church leaders. Those people who gave their life for principles outlined in the Scripture to be rightly obedience to, and all the more, their life and their work reflected God’s command, but NOT the homosexual church, can we accept homosexuality acceptable in Christian faith? NO, can we love these homosexual that they too, Jesus has died for? Yes. But us loving them, is one thing, but they must give up their homosexual lifestyle, and purpose in their heart to live a life of holiness, that they must repent and turn from their wicked lifestyle. That, is perhaps a clear and distinct sign of a born again christian.

The article reference here on Safehaven Site




7 responses

14 12 2006

Hi Dan.

I think balancing grace and truth when speaking to a gay person is not easy. Let us not presume that quoting blandly from the scriptures is enough.

Imagine a world which tells you that it is wrong for men to love women, but where emotionally you are only able to connect with women. Perhaps that is how some gay persons feel. Start from there, and perhaps the church may better understand the struggle that gay persons go through. I think that unless the church is able to identify with their pain, it cannot be successful in teaching the truth.

That too, if you recall, is the role of the High Priestly role that God has called His church to perform, to represent His love to the people and plead their cases before Him, to “deal gently with those who are ignorant and going astray, since he himself is subject to weakness” (Heb 5 : 2).

Finally, I think years of blandly quoting scriptures has, in some societies, perpetrated a homophobic culture where violence against homosexuals is tolerated if not condoned. This is not something the church should be proud of.

14 12 2006

i agree, it is not easy. I agree that the church must first represent God’s grace and love for these homosexuals, yet, we are not to compromise with God’s Words and i am just finding this ‘gay church’ so out of line with the Word of God, instead of a place where homosexuals can find direction and strength from turning from their lifestyle, they find solace among the community of so called christian leaders that condone their lifestyle

15 12 2006

I am really torn on this issue. On the one hand, I know the Bible clearly says homosexual behavior is a sin, but on the other hand, must we require that homosexuals “repent” before coming to church? Do we pose such a barrier to the drunkard, liar, thief, or any other “normal” sinner?

15 12 2006

I believe the Church should open herself to the homosexuals, but as a Christian, even if one struggles with homosexuality, it is normal as who doesn’t struggle with sin, but not one who condone sinful lifestyle such as homosexuality and continue to live in Sin, and even applause those who practice homosexuality!

As when one is truly born again, it is birthed in that person, a propensity to live in holiness, there must be a burden of holiness! Not continue to live in Sin. The Church while provides a place of encouragement and the fellowship of the saints to help each other, guard each other, and be a support to each other, must however, stand on biblical principles that all who practice such lifestyle will not enter the kingdom of God.

9 03 2007

Right believing will lead to right living. Knowing that you are forgiven much, you will love Him much. Jesus gave us (including the homosexuals) the gift of no condemnation, that gives us (including the homosexuals) the power to sin no more. (John 8:11) Likewise, the mainstream church needs to extend the same “no condemnation” to the homosexuals. The love of God will lead them back to the right path.

9 03 2007

Unfortunately, most of the world even christians seems to defy the statement – right believing = right living. We do know what’s right and wrong, but it is our inability to live according to it. In the biblical perspective, knowing what is right and not doing it, is SIN. However, if we were to strive to live right to merit salvation, we are missing the point of Grace and Mercy and God’s role in the regenerating salvation of man.

The love of God is indeed a powerful force to lead us to the right living, however Man has a choice to submit itself to the freedom that the regenerating or illumination of our Spirit by the Holy Spirit’s work and response to living right, and placing our faith in Christ. This is where in my opinion Arminian meets Calvinism. We have a free will to choose, in light of God’s work, Man’s obedience is required in order to be saved

10 03 2007

Dear Dan,
I understand where you are coming from. It is important to live a Godly, holy life in complete and utter obediance to Him. It is our true display of love for our God, not out of legalism but out of our hearts desire to please Him through obediant life.
However, its important that we must see that we don’t play God in other people’s lives. Its the work of the Spirit to convict not ours. I am still being taught by the Spirit and recognizing sin in my life that I had no clue was sin before. Though they may be more hidden, for example pride, they are still sin which is detestable to God.
I bring all this up because I am a christian man who struggles with homosexuality. I do not live the life style but at instead am at battle with it every day. Its hard enouph for me who knows God and desires to be His servant to walk obediantly for Him. Though I may struggle every day and may struggle for the rest of my life, I know where my power and support comes from……….the saving power of grace.
Knowing struggle, knowing the identity that a gay person takes onto themselves, knowing the fear, and knowing the rejection (or appearance of rejection) from the church, we need to have more sympathy for the gay world. Jesus Christ if He were to have come in our day and time would be reaching out to the gay community. I am not saying that we propagate homosexuality as Godly, I am just saying that it isn’t the most important thing. They need to come into the Holy, Living presence of God, meet Him as there Lord, Savior, Father, Friend and then they can deal with this sin.
The homosexual problem lies so much deeper then making a choice, for if it were only a choice I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this. Yet, I would never have given up my past so that I can help speak truth. The truth that sexuality is so complex, along with so much in life, so we all must gain knowledge on a subject before shooting from the hip. Yes, it is a sin and a church must not proclaim it as anything else but we must love people into Christ and allow God to be God and man to be man.
Other wise, we need the church to begin to excommunicate those people who struggle with obessiety………because to God that is a sin and He doesn’t descrimanate. God hates sin.

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