Journey through Apostle Paul’s mind – Part 2

13 12 2006

The book of Romans and its author made its introduction to the christians in Rome amidst the intellectualism of the Roman world with Socrates and Platos. Whilst the other philosophers discussed about life, the book of Romans started with Paul’s motivation to his ministry, and to go on with contrasting the Righteousness from God that is parallel with the Wrath of God. The righteousness that comes with the Wrath of God.

There are some christians or non christians who cannot deal with a God who sends people to hell, but they failed to understand why. God’s righteousness demand an equally just action – His judgment on sinners. And Apostle Paul started off with the gradient of our descent into sin. It started from the “Suppression of Truth” (Romans 1:18-20). Sin and our fallen nature will always seek to suppress the truth, the continual and aggressive striving against the truth – who God is. This applies to everyone. The very basic human nature is set against the truth of God. Second, “The Perversion of truth” (Romans 1:21-23). Once Man perverse and suppress the truth of God, they will seek to perverse that truth, they exchange the image of God for idols. Human soul always seek an object to worship, either himself, or other thing. The thirst for that ‘GOD’ must be met through as though it is a unsatisfying need of human kind. Notice here, there is a gradual degeneration of that perversion – from God to images made to look like man, and then birds, and then animals and last Reptiles. Third, “Perversion of Life” (Romans 1:24,25). In the end, their humanism (Man-centeredness) resulted in the dehumanization of each other. In the end, man lowers himself to a condition below God’s created purpose. God avenges himself by allowing the decline of evil men and women. If a man is not a christian, it is because he is suppressing he truth about God, pushing down God’s own revelation of who he is. Further he is not a christian because he is given to idolatry, Martin Luther said “whatever your heart clings to and relies on is your God.”

Considers this, the revelation of the wrath of God justly coming upon all mankind because man suppresses the truth, perverts the truth, and perverts life. And second, the revelation of the righteousness of God from faith to faith, righteousness he gives us so we can stand righteous before Him, if one does not have the righteousness of God, he or she has the wrath of God.




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17 12 2006

But who WAS Paul???? Really (?)

Paul (AKA Apostle Paul) was a First-Century evangelist similar to a Pat Robertson or Benny Hinn of today’s religious world. He had a lot more work to do than them, though. He was an ambitious and creative man of great energy.

He was the inventor and entrepreneur who took Christianity all the way from a concept to being a lucrative cash producer with rubes from most of the known world happily handing over their cash to Paul based on his promise of the imminent return of their King Jesus (who never showed up).

17 12 2006

I am surprised at your ignorance. Apostle Paul is a tentmaker, he worked to support himself, and even though he was supported by the macedonian church (at Philippi), he never once relied on the offerings from the church (note: these are love gifts, he didn’t appeal to offerings from the church, hence different from TV evangelist).

Second, he did not create a cash producer, so maybe if you were to read up abit more, do your homework, you can save yourself from embarassment of making statements and comments that you cannot substantiate. And besides, with regards to the return of Jesus, take a look at the letters, it is NOT his focus, rather it is only in the letters to the church in Thessalonica, that he mentioned it, and furthermore if you do READ up, you will find, the imminent return of Jesus is probably more from Apostle John who is the author of Revelation. And do your studies, you will not expect Jesus to return because you will dread that day if you are not a Christian.

Well, do note, i approved your comments because it reflects the heathen pagan fallen mindset of the human race who rejected the knowledge of God. Thank YOU for proving what Apostle Paul wrote in the opening chapters of Romans.

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