An unforgetable night

9 12 2006

Went out after work to celebrate Adeline’s birthday at Hark the Music (a KTV place), and we had a great time, we had lots of fun till about 1.30am, and we went off and chatted till about 2.30am. When Jerome offered to drive us, in the car, his hand got caught when the door slammed, and there was a deep cut, we feared the worse, so we rushed him to the hospital – Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Yes, i know i know, why do i still wanna go there after the big messed up with Mercy right? No choice duh. All praise to God, when the doctor looked at the X-Ray, he said, there is no fracture, just a hair line fracture, so it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to heal! Manz… it is a MIRACLE! because we prayed and asked our Father to heal his hand, and God did! No way, that could be just a hair line fracture, cos all of us heard the cracking of bones. All praise and glory be to God!




One response

9 12 2006

Great news, Daniel. All is well here in Delaware, too. God bless,

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