Pride is the chief of all sins

6 12 2006

I need to consistently guard against Pride. According to CS Lewis, Pride is the chief of all sins, of which it ensnare the heart of Lucifer and caused him to turn against God by wanting to be god himself. Pride is the cause of all sins, because ultimately we all want to be god, self-sufficient, and do not need God at all. No, we are wrong, I am wrong. There is no ME without God. How can one go about his or her life without a need for God? Who am i to think i can sustain my life, who order my breathing? Who ordain my footstep, who cares for the fragility of life? God! To those who say there is no God, let me tell you all, the scriptures plainly states this “You are a fool”. who am i to think i can do without God, every breathe i take, every step i take, every thoughts, i cannot hide from God, nor am i independent from God. Forbids such wicked thoughts, and forgive me God, let me and all my being, hang on You and You alone.




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20 06 2007

you are right!

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