Journey through Apostle Paul’s mind – Part 1

6 12 2006

Romans 1:1-18 – Part 1

Spiritual gifts and Impartation
For the ultra conservative, there are always conflicts with the Charismatic ways of interpretation of the Spiritual Gifts. Apostle Paul here, was eager to impart some spiritual gifts to the christians in Rome for two purposes – To mutually encourage each other, and second, to have a harvest. I believe, Spiritual gifts here, are not the supernatural transferrance of powers as what the papal Rome would want us to believe. A good sermon is a gift, but more than a good gift, a spiritual gift that seeks to build each other up for the two sole purposes that Apostle Paul spoke of in later part of that passage – the mutual edification and to bring about a harvest among the people in Rome. Apostle Paul is a disciple maker, one who invest in lives of people he has established, and bearing in mind, this is a widely different picture between the Apostolic impartation and one which the Papal Rome Catholic church would have indicated. Have I been imparting gifts to those around me – to build them up in their faith, to establish them firmly in the Word of God? I believe the core apostolic duty is to impart gifts for the purpose of edification, and to bring about a harvest among the people.

A gospel of faith in Jesus
How often have we heard of another gospel that departs from the central theme of christian faith? However Apostle Paul wants to qualify his gospel from the many gnostic teachings that were among the church at his days, and the same warning ought to be taken heed today. Are we preaching a gospel of a faith only anchored on the person of Jesus, freely given, freely received, and only through Jesus. This is a clear indication of the nature of the gospel being preached today. I believe one thing strongly, we are all justifed by faith in Jesus and we are counted Righteous in Christ alone. Not by works, or by Pope’s demonic practises of sacrament.




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