The turning point

1 12 2006

As events signify the turn of a new Age, i see two events happening this week that will shape the christian church this week.

Prophet TB Joshua in Singapore this week, sets this Lion City on her spiritual destiny in God. For so long, Singapore was always known and been talked about widely, the Antioch of the East. Some of the prophecies about Singapore, was discussed as early as the 80s. I have heard about people who was Israel seeing another nation sounding out the trumpet in the east, (Singapore), and they brought in the Shopha (some kind of trumpet used by the Jews in the OT, can’t remember the spelling), and now several churches are using it. These trumpets are key instrument in the Last days to herald the Coming of the Lord as He will come through the clouds. Second, Singapore will be launched into a new era. Forget about Revival, this is much bigger than revival, it is about the new generation of christians been consecrated for holiness and the purpose of God and will spread the Good News to the region! I know and i know in the spirit, the Church is being shakened to stand up and be counted. No more playing religion, this is about radical shakeup that will reverberated through the region! You and I need to rise up.

Second event this week. Rick Warren’s visiting Syria herald the Rise of the One World Order. This is not a mistake as it is happening six months before the 40 year anniversary of the independence of Israel as a nation. I am strongly against the philosophy of the P.E.A.C.E and the purpose-driven plan and this week, we see Rick endorsing Syria as a partner of peace. I do not know for one, why Pastors would want to get involved politically. The visit of endorsing Syria as a peaceful nation and hospitable to Christians and Muslims is first a deception and is not a religious visit, but with a political agenda.

These two events. Let’s keep in prayer and in vigil and be sensitive to what God is doing. Let’s fix our eyes to the Cross and to God, and turn our attention to the Middle East specifically Israel. There, the Lord will show His miracle and defend His people Israel and will rise up and make His Name be heard.




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