Peace like a river

17 11 2006

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also – Jesus in Luke 12:34

One of the hardest thing to do is not to worry. I might not seen as a worrywart, but i do, and sometimes deep down i am panicking, and occasionally imagining the worst thing that could happen, and gave excuses to that as planning in anticipation. However, reading Luke 12:22-34 shows me something about trust I can trust God for tomorrow, for the money to come in, for jobs, for his providence, for his presence and for his love. So far, God has not failed and i don’t think God is going to fail any time soon.

A reason why i worry is that i place getting the money more important than God Himself. The perspective of the importance and priority is mixed up. My treasure is here, on earth, and it is wrong. This treasure can be stolen, or used up, and is temporal. I must examine my heart everyday, and question where i am putting the treasure in, is it on money or things of this world, or in the character and promises of God Himself? Lord, change my heart O God.




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