Demystify AIDS as a social stigma

16 11 2006

Singapore – Government and Health Promotion Board has came up with a campaign to encourage the HIV-infected to come forward especially among the Youths, whom today, the authorities have on number 2852 cases but believe to be 3 or 4 times higher than expected.

As I was reading, the way to combat AIDS is to encourage safe sex? You cannot discourage unsafe sex by telling them to have sex more, be it safe or unsafe. You cannot kill the urge for drugs by offering safe drugs? The underlying problem is correcting the social moral mentality – Stop sleeping around. Besides AIDS, we’ve got STD, and unwanted pregnancies to worry about, how about related social problems such as Abortions? Irresponsible actions need to be corrected, GO AND SIN NO MORE, not do something to replace that urge!

How the world treats a problem, is flawed. How Jesus treat a problem – go and sin no more. Perfect. Stop and that’s it. No questions asked.



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16 11 2006

Great Post, Daniel!

Have a great day! 🙂


17 11 2006
Kevin Leggett

Jesus has a way of keeping those things simple yet deep.

17 11 2006

I do think that alot of people today lack in healthy relational love. I probably haven’t met all the people but those whom i’ve met and talked to don’t sleep around just for the fun of it but rather it’s their thirst for love that cloud their perception of love. And most if not all have a warped sense of what true love is. they simply don’t know what real love looks like. It might sound illogical, and yeah I know it’s irrational, but when I listen to them with my heart, I realize that they are all crying out for love. 🙂

*hugs* out to you dan.

17 11 2006

Hi Marie

I realised that. The misconception of what’s love is the problem with the young people today. Well one way is to correct that perception and the other, is to ‘brainwash’ themselves to the principles of God’s Words.

Hugs too! 🙂 Any plans of coming back to Singapore for holiday?

20 11 2006

hehe.. maybe, i haven’t made any plans yet. actually i have a business opportunity here which i want to look into before i make other plans. plus i’m in the middle of developing a POS software. so.. lots to do, little time to waste.. hafta grab every opportunity i’m given right.

btw, do you still go to Grace AG? I was there in june and I didn’t see you..

20 11 2006

Oh good to grab every business opportunities given. Oh not in Grace AG a long time, about 10 years since i left Grace? 🙂

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