14 11 2006

Testing of our faith comes not in the shadow of the valley of death, but in green lush beautiful good times. When we go through the tough times, it is easy to trust God and walk faithfully, but it is when everything goes well, we fall the easiest because we tend to think it is because of ourselves that we make it. How foolish that thinking is. Lord let my heart be always in thanksgiving, in good times and in bad times.




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14 11 2006

Oh you put that so well… and it’s so true.
I fall in my good times so often. The apostle Paul said “be constant in prayer” and so often, that is the key to remembering God’s grace even in good times. lol.

14 11 2006

I like to add a Amen too that!

15 11 2006
red dirt girl


If God kept an accounting of the number of times that I have fallen off the wagon of obedience, gotten lost, been found and crawled back up again……..he would have a room dedicated just to my life………thankfully for me, he removes my sin……..as far as the east is from the west………..!! sometimes it takes all that is left in me to crawl back and say please forgive me lord, i have sinned against you………..mercy and grace………the most beautiful of gifts from our loving God………..

15 11 2006

Thanks for the encouragements.

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