God’s mercy and His love

13 11 2006

I always read and hear how people blame God for the troubles or when God wiped out the nations in Israel citing God is a cruel God. I say again to those who said such things, THINK and contemplate the matter of the issue before making such statement. Read Isaiah 43:14-28. Before we blame God for His judgment, let us remember the cause of such is our sins. Shall we blame God when we sinned against Him? For 400 years, God allowed His people to suffer in Egypt, allowing the Canaanites to repent. How do we know because Jetro, Moses’ father in law is a Midianite Priest for the God most High! Yet, these people did not repent and turn back to God, and their Sins have come into completion for judgment. Shall we blame God for that? And how many times do we invoke God’s name to punish those who sinned against us and yet never blame ourselves with the venomous hatred in our heart against our neighbour? Those who wrote foolishly, will be treated as a fool, unless we repent of our pride, sin and self reliance.




2 responses

14 11 2006

Keep up your study and good work, the work of the Lord

14 11 2006

Very nicely written and God bless you for always seeking to give glory to his name 🙂

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