Equality is a noble idea

7 11 2006

As i walked past two gays caressing each other, i have half a mind to tell them to behave in public, but i thought if i do that, i would be called intolerant bigot, and today, a group of drag queens making fun of christians in west coast america jeering the christians and no actions were taken against these people but if it is from christians who jeer these queers, it would make headlines the next day. Now, isn’t the world a totally screwed up place. I am equally disturbed by the homosexual display of affections between two of the same sex and with the same rights, i could afford to tell them to behave without being sued. But the world cares more about protecting these sinful habitual lifestyle and forgetting to uphold justice and equality among its people. While the schools in america were told to teach Islam, Darwinism, but told not to recite the Lord’s prayers or hold bible studies because it offend people. To me, this is a gross injustice, sheer influence of the satanic powers of this present age, to block out everything that’s exalted within God’s Words and glorify every sins and pleasures of the flesh.




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