Church slipping into apostasy?

7 11 2006

Read Moriel Ministry newsletter and well it has tons of reports with regards to Pastor Ted Haggard’s homosexual scandal, and one article spoke of it as a symptom to a bigger problem – Apostasy within the Church today – the total lack of the Fear of the Lord and holiness will drive the church into disarray of endless scandals of homosexual within the church leaders and members and many other sins. This is very true when the church today are more concern about preaching a nice-to-hear gospel that God loves us, well that’s true, but the opposite is equally true that God demand holiness from His people. To meet God’s perfect love for us, God needs to meet His own perfect holiness and judgment that He has to send His only Son to die for us! That’s God meeting His own standard and he expects us all to die to ourselves, crucifying that little ME on the Cross that we will find holiness beckons when we put on the Righteousness of Christ through our faith in Him!




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