Do we live up to what we sing and preach?

2 11 2006

How many times have i examine my own life and found wanting, dangled on the far end of the rope realising i am sometimes more like a hypocrite than those i have accused? Many times! As i was pondering on the recent events, to the ups and downs and the cycle of dealing with expectations, i know, that most of us, including myself, did not really live up most of the time to the things we preach, and sing during church services.

When i sang “I give my life to you!” do i really mean it? Or is it just the frivilous occasion paying lip service? If i do not mean it, do not sing it, and if i sing it, i jolly well do it, to do otherwise is calling myself a liar and making a mockery of our relationship with God that we can say one thing and do another. Lord, help me to be true to myself, be true to the lifestyle of a man who will pursue you with one single passion, be it that i am rich or poor, that i am sick or well, that when i am tired, or i am energetic. Write the laws on the tablets of my heart, not just words that is crafted but living Word that gives life, that guide, that protect, and totally transforming me from within.




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