11 10 2006

The beauty of winter always bring about a bitter chill to my heart as i behold the white snowy field and hastily covered myself from the biting wind. Galloping across that field in a horse felt like i am hugging the mother nature, just basking in God’s glory through the extension of His creation.

I miss God, and the quiet time we shared. I could talk freely and He showing me His heart. Yea, i had been through the rougher part of life that i have no courage to face up to, the mud and dirt that suffocates, i wish i can redeem myself but God wants me to stand strong, facing up to the past with Him for He is holding me up and i know in order to move forward, i need to deal with the past. The baggages, i need to just drop them at the feet of the cross. I have sinned against people, and many have sinned against me, ultimately it is God i have done wrong, and how much i needed His grace and mercy. I miss those walks and i will endeavour to do more of the walking soon, just God and me, and the chat we have, the tears in the moment He shared his heart out, and the impartation of the call to holiness. Holiness is not a mambo jumbo term for a man who is all perfect, but holiness is when our entire life is focused on a single purpose in life, and that’s my pursuit of God. Pursuing Him like a lover does. I will not talk of marriage, nor any frivilous mention of love utterings, those are not necessary. I am broken, stressed, and tired, and in fact, all i need is to sit at the feet of my saviour and just rest. Daniel~ Walk by faith not by sight. Many walk by sight, but the only way to please God is by faith and through Faith, i will see the salvation of God, the strong tower of refuge, in which i can run to in times of trouble! Father, in your mercy, give me the faith, that i will only seek to please you! Oh yea, i am a Christian Hedonist – The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.




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