Gospel to pro-life

11 10 2006

Christianity Today featured an article call “Let us reason together to pro-life“, an article in my view has quite miss the entire point of the Gospel. The author assume that the gospel points to the life as the pinnacle to the purpose of the gospel and the Messiah’s death, however, it points to a deeper and more fundamental issue than just pro-life. The Gospel is primarily God’s answer to man’s problem, which is Sin, not life on this earth. Sin is the most fundamental problem to Man’s biggest obstacle to having an active relationship with God. Hence Gospel needs to address that issue, and not about Abortion, or Euthanasia. While i must admit, the scriptures do hold high regards for life, and is the Absolute moral standard and truth in which has powerful and clear indication of how a society should function, but it is never the case that the Gospel or the Scriptures’ main message on pro-life. This group has missed the point of the Christian faith, instead of unity by a good cause and forsaking the main teachings in the Scriptures, the basis of our agreement is weak if not very humanistic.

At the same time, can we not use the Gospel or the Scriptures as a guiding light to how the society ought to act or react in the face of injustice? Sure, we can. We oppose to abortion, for these are innocent lives (babies) we are talking about, and we defend their right to live, and abortion is murder. How about using this as an excuse for conversation and discussion between christians and catholics and ignoring the century old divisive theological differences, and say, ah forget about what’s the fundamental authority of the evangelicals and the catholics, after all, we all love life, to assume that commonality is to assume that we ought to hire an unschooled to be a lawyer, after all, he seems to have a love for law, and while ignoring the critical issues that qualify him to be a lawyer, could prove to be detrimental to the end result if he is needed to save our skins in the Court of Law! I am all for life, but please, do not dilute and compromise, and divert, and confuse what the Gospel really talks about, not just limited to ‘life’ on this earth, but coming into fullness of what we are meant to and i say again – the Chief end of man is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.




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