Things that are of permanence

27 09 2006

The insanity of the shifting realities has infused a great deal of confusion to life, where one will be desperate to hold on to something permanence to make something and meaningful out of the short years on this earth. I’ve been through from one end to another; from the extreme in loose living from getting drunk daily to hanging out with girls just for the sake of companionship to a pharisaic pain in the arse, there are nothing that are of permanence that doesn’t require a certain level of pain and devotion. Anything that’s easy to achieve, is probably not of permanence. Jesus has to die for our sins through the ordeals he suffered in the course to calvary, and that’s PAIN. Ultimate Sacrifice by the Son of God has set something eternal off from the history of Man, that’s the turning point to the fallen world where nothing is of permanence to something that the entire creation can rest on – the reality of God and His Love for us through his sacrificial death for us on the Cross is the consummation of His love for us!

I used to hang on the temporals, girls, relationship, material things, achievements, jobs, reputation, and others, but i realised i could lose all these in a wink, tho i will feel the pain, i won’t die cos of it, but i would die eternally without God when i lose my grasp of eternity when i do not have God in my life. Where my treasure is, there my heart is also. Lord, my heart is beginning to grow cold, help me to come to you when you will send fire down from heaven to consume this heart of mine! Lord make it a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to You!




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