In the context of preserving religious harmony…

27 09 2006

See Melvyn’s blog on an incident which i got the death threats.. oops i mean well meaning XXX who posted comments on my blog. While i edited one post where references of the Holy XXX in my conviction to be what the Book of Revelation refers to as the Great XXX, it is still in my belief to be so, even when i removed that comment in the pretext of maintaining this religious harmony in the community of Singapore bloggers. I am glad that I have a friend like Melvyn to give me some valuable legal advice.




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28 09 2006

In the context of preserving religious harmony, I ask why the only entries on your home page that are closed to comments are those regarding Catholicism? As an educated and concerned Catholic, I would be most happy to share some of my thoughts and some quotations that would answer your statements. Respect for the truth and for the integrity of other beliefs (correct and full quotation, for instance), should be of concern to all Christians.

28 09 2006

You asked me why i closed the option for people to comment? Simple. Not when catholics commented insults, targetting my name and my character when their beliefs were challenged, for i’ve never mentioned or target any catholics except questioning the various teachings of the vatican church, and one even threatened legal action? let me say, i could have ignored those vermins and i can bring legal action against the particular catholic punk who defame me on his blog. Simple as that, because of those catholics i am moderating all comments and i am not interested in engaging catholics because all they have proven is that they CANNOT refute the facts i’ve put on my blog except to question my character and calling me anti catholic bigots.

All comments by catholics will be marked as spams on this blog. And especially when they spammed this blog.

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