I have a price tag on me.

21 09 2006

Ever see people walking around with a price tag hanging from their ears? Yup. I’ve seen my fair share both in real life, or in the alternate world of the Internet; nevertheless there is a price tag to everything, and everyone.

I wonder what does your price tag says? are you a $1.99 product or a $100 million product? i’ve seen many, who can’t seems to value themselves more than $0.10, and walking around begging for a pitiful appreciation, not many going around with a $100 million price tag though. More or less, the question is what do we base the value of ourselves on? Is it on our achievements, family  background, or the numbers of our savings account? These all will fade away one day, yes including your achievements, your money in the bank, and even your pride of reputation, all these will mean absolutely nothing the minute before you breathe your last. What counts for eternity is something not many of us bear in mind nor even want to be concerned about because the human failure is that we are far too shortsighted. We see and value what’s immediate but what is not and more real, we chucked it aside thinking we have time to ponder about it.

The constraint of humanity is that we are so limited in every ways, including our perspective of things, think of our failures, they are never forever, yet we are given a chance to make it right, think of our current situation, these are never forever for one day, the storm will pass, the dark clouds will disappear, the future is what our fear has us petrified in our tracks and diminished our abilities to dream big, to value big, to dare big in our faith that christians can trust in a God who above all else, loves his children to be like him, a totally creative God who dare to dream big and it is so big, it can only be measured by the width of the Universe we live in.

So is our value? Where does our treasure lies? In the things we can see, or in the things eternal. I pity those who pride in their achievement, the car they drive, the house they live, for these, God can take them away in a second, and they will be left with nothing but emptiness. I admire those who are not afraid to give away what they cannot keep, gain what they cannot lose – eternal life in Jesus. That’s my aim, the value on my price tag.




One response

27 09 2006

My price tag is Christ. He ‘bought’ me and ‘sold’ Himself for my sake. So my cost is a ‘man’s life, ‘God’s only son, and am therefore priceless.
There is nothing great about ourselves and yet someone bought us with the highest cost.

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