Long list of things to do…

20 09 2006

Gotta do some video editing for a small presentation on the 8 October for Apostle Rod’s birthday… Worry worry – Not enough Harddisk space, my mediocre video editing skill will be a joke, not enough video clips to edit from, problem with music tracks, sounds, commentary, and worse, my PC breaks down!!!!! And then i have my brainbox planning, getting the necessary planning, designing of a brochure, namecards, business collaterals, and then actually communicating all those to my business partners; on my actual work, tons of projects coming up of which 99% are trash i need to fix from other people’s messes, chasing people so they can do their work and i can finish mine, answering to unreasonable, unappreciative, and ungrateful bosses, and then finally, a long long list of studies i need to catch up on, on the Book of Romans, do the studies on Experiencing God with Mercy, reading up on the Roman Catholics Theology, and doing my OT Survey and biblical archaeological theological studies. ok…. bearing in mind a constant reminder, do all these as if i am doing for God, to have a spirit of a servant and of excellence.




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