A special gift from a special someone

17 09 2006

I got this beautiful flower from a special someone – MERCY! Oh well, she got me this after our band practise! O well, was my first time i played BASS after a long time, i must say, i am not very used to it, and i hope i didn’t kill off the rhythm of the worship team. But it is good, totally enjoyed the session, even tho my back is in pain cos the BASS is really heavy!

Jenn came to visit the team! And we had nice dinner (Chix Rice @ Far East) and i am glad he came to have a look at our practise.

Totally got a surprise when Mercy gave me this, and manz, she is such a great girl. She can be so excited getting little gifts for her friends, and i’ve never seen anyone so happy and satisfied just blessing people. And she has “LOVE WINS” written all over her face and i am glad I love this lady and this special lady love me too! The last song was so good, and i just know it is going to be a great time tomorrow and i miss playing in a worship team!



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