Gentle shakeup

12 09 2006

A test of patience against christians who are worst than murderers within, claiming to act out of love, and people who get personal because it pricks their faith, that they acted beyond the boundary of retaliation, instead of attacking my accusations, they attack my personality, (oh i wish i can size them up and look them in the face, eyeballs to eyeballs, and………), o well, i am glad it is all about me. If God were to allow such things to happen, it is not about these people, it is about how i react to them. God is more interested in the change of my attitude. There is this fire that refines and purifies, and yes, it is hot and it scalds, but it is necessary as God began to remove the angst, the anger, and replacing it with one of the fruits of the Spirit – LONGSUFFERING! Yesh! Let it be, God, do what You want.




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12 09 2006

Dear Danski, I am a Roman Catholic too, and I wish to apologize on behalf on the other Catholics whom you have encountered in this blog of yours, presumably because they have been less than charitable towards you.

It looks like you have some difficulty with the teachings in our Church. That’s okay – you don’t have to accept them if you are not ready nor willing to. In God’s time I pray that He may shed light on you. Before you criticise something the naturual thing to do is to understand as much of it as possible. Perhaps there’s something you missed out in your understanding of the Catholic Church’s doctrines. In the spirit of knowledge and understanding, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

You have my email.

13 09 2006

Perhaps you could publicly state the reasons why you believe Catholics worship Mary. Where’s the proof?

13 09 2006

Thanks, not interested to get into this discussion. There are tons on the Vatican Council of Trent documents, and others, that those are the authorative stand of the Vatican on the position of Mary. I am not here to reconcile the Roman Catholic Church to the Protestant faith, to me, the chasm between the two sides is too great, nor will i compromise the doctrinal stand of my faith to accept the Roman Catholic’s.

13 09 2006

Ultimately, its only a religion.. God is god…whatever religion we r in, they r the same.

So, why the need to be so critical?

Those who r helpless rely on religion to get on with life

13 09 2006

hey Duh

Your immaturity amazes me, so i guess the same to say that all gods lead to the same god, meaning one can have more than 1 father, and more than 1 mother? why can’t there be only ONE GOD? the reasoning reflects on the line of immaturity and naivety, bordering ridiculous logic.

Those who rely on religion and faith are far better off than one who rely on themselves, and money because they have the guts to admit their apparently lack of infinite resources, and the courage to explore the possibility of something bigger than their own brain and ego.

Please, next time, post comments using your own NAME, and an valid Email, not duh duh duh. If you got guts to write these, and a coward not to reveal who you are, then don’t tell me why the need to be critical.

13 09 2006

Dear Danski, then it is clear to me that you don’t really understand what Catholics teach about Mary. Perhaps you need to reread the documents again.

I want to make this clear to you. We don’t worship Mary. That will never happen.

13 09 2006

It is clear to me you do not understand your own faith. Go and re-read your Trent council Vatican papers and documents in giving Mary the co-redemptrix dogma again. And again, the Catholic church do not just have Mary on their altars, but purgatory, masses, etc, are not consistent with God’s Words.

I am not interested in these discussions with catholics who do not examine their own faith trying to prove to me plainly that in which is contrary to the official stand of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

Like i say, all comments here will be moderated.

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